About Curve of the Hook

4582512275Curve of the Hook was originally published in Japanese as Rakuen Kōkogaku (Archaeology in Paradise), a wide-ranging, book-length interview of Dr. Sinoto by Hiroshi Aramata. In 1996, the book received the Yoshikawa Eiji Cultural Award, and in 1999 was selected as one of the best 100 biographies of a Japanese in the twentieth century. Curve of the Hook is the book’s first translation into English, and has been updated and revised for everyone with an interest in Polynesia.

aramataHiroshi Aramata is a Japanese-television personality, author, translator, and specialist in natural history. Of Dr. Sinoto, he has written, “It is indeed fortunate for the world that Dr. Sinoto, a Japanese scholar, put his heart into South Pacific archaeology. Without being bound to the fixed idea that virtually no past exists in tropical islands, Dr. Sinoto has discovered and restored ancient remains. This is nothing short of miraculous, an invaluable gift to the spiritual culture of modern Polynesia.”

Rakuen Kōkogaku was translated for Mānoa Journal by Madoka Nagadō and Frank Stewart.


Madoka Nagadō and Frank Stewart

Ms. Nagadō is the recipient of a Crown Prince Akihito scholarship to support her doctoral work in the English department of the University of Hawai‘i–Mānoa. Her research focuses on Victorian culture and literature, life writing, and disability studies. She received an Okinawa International Exchange & Human Resource Development scholarship to support her master’s-degree work in nineteenth-century studies at University of Hull. Her baccalaureate in English is from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. In addition, she has worked at the Center for Interpretation & Translation Studies and at Mānoa Journal as a recipient of the Grace K.J. Abernethy/Manoa Publishing Fellowship.

Designed by Barbara Pope Book Design, Curve of the Hook is over 200 pages and includes color images and rare archival photographs. The book is being distributed and cataloged by the University of Hawai‘i Press. Revenues will support the University of Hawai‘i Press and Mānoa Journal Special Editions, which since 1989 has published literary works in English translation, supported innovative education, and hosted readings, dramatic performances, and other events bringing together peoples of Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas.

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Notice distributed at the May 7, 2015, talk given by Dr. Sinoto at KCC and hosted by the Hawaiian Historical Society.





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