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on yosihiko sinoto

Interview with filmmaker Lee Pennington on Sinoto: Polynesian Legend.

“Devoted to Making Discoveries” by Mary Kaye Ritz in Honolulu Advertiser, April 9, 2006.

“Finally—A Tribute to Sinoto” by Bob Krauss in Honolulu Advertiser, July 24, 2005.

1-58178-045-1Huahine: Island of the Lost Canoe by Rick Carroll (Bishop Museum Press, 2005).

“Marae Mysteries” by Derek Ferrar in Hana Hou, October/November 2003.

on alexander spoehr

Biographical memoir by Douglas Oliver

on kenneth emory

Review by Greg Dening of Keneti: South Seas Adventures of Kenneth Emory by Bob Krauss. Honolulu: A Kolowalu Book/University of Hawaii Press, 1989.


For 40 years Kenneth Emory was his own master. He got his authority from being there. From his Pacific center the separated ethnographic collections in the world museums made sense. The journals of Pacific explorers and missionaries, seeing what he saw, read like his own experience. Radio-carbon dating and scientific excavation techniques came late in Mr. Emory’s career. His archeology, Mr. Krauss suggests, had a boisterous scavenging quality. But this was because he always felt that he had a key to what he uncovered in his relationship with the living peoples of old. He tapped their cultural memories. His frenetic energy in clearing, measuring, describing temples, fishing shrines, house foundations, platform burials all around the Pacific was fired by the doomsday feeling in the Pacific that whatever past there was and whatever living knowledge there was of the past was dying fast.—Greg Dening

In Memoriam Kenneth Emory by Patrick Kirch



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